The idea for the Bean started when our class was assigned the job of creating a household appliance in Rhino. Inspired by my love for coffee, I chose to design a new expresso machine. The goal was to create an expresso machine that was easy to use and looked clean cut and sleek. I wanted a machine that could not only serve the purpose of making coffee, but also hold the cups needed to serve the coffee.

Creating in Rhino

When creating this design, the purpose was to practice and show our skills in both Rhino 3D and Keyshot. With each piece it was important to show all the necessary parts and materials that would be apart of the final design.

First Forms

Creation 2

This is where I began to understand where pieces and parts need to go in order to make the form work.


The Bean gives any coffee enthusiasts an all inclusive coffee station. Complete with milk frothing, double or single cup pour options, and cup slots on top. The Bean gives you what you need to make your coffee and makes it easy to enjoy a great cup of espresso or latte.