Every year millions of people travel all over the world. From traveling to relatives houses and flying across the country, we are always on the move. This is where the idea of the Travel Project came from. It is a design that gives a two in one travel bag. A bag that will hold all your luggage and allow for day adventures.

People are constantly dealing with luggage when traveling, and at times they are handing 3 bags. With the Kewden travel bag, carrying multiple bags is no longer a problem. Giving you a duffle bag and a detachable day bag, it creates the opportunity for simpler traveling experiences. These sketches are initial ideas of qualities or compartments the bag would display.

For the Kewden, understanding of simplicity and capability of the bag was important. The bag needed to be strong when together so it could be carried as a backpack, but also simple to separate. Making the bags lightweight allows for compatibility. Having one large compartment for each bag with pockets inside creates simple style and less hardware for less weight.

As a travel bag, durability is important to the design. Bags are constantly being thrown around and moved, so using a strong material is a large part of the design. Thermoplastic Polyurethane is a strong material to use and can withstand wear and tear. Using this allows not only for a strong bag but also one that will last.

Quick Use Hardware

Padded Compartment

Padded S-Shape Straps

Waterproof Construction


The Two in One Travel Bag